Why is shipping taking so long?
Since each case is produced individually by hand and the drying process of the epoxy resin alone takes 5-7 days, it's possible that the delivery may be delayed . For a smooth surface it needs more layers and therefore more time. Each flower is also different in height.

Why are there small bubbles in the case?
Small air bubbles can arise at any time and do not always disappear on their own during the drying process. However, these show that each case is made by hand.

Why is my case different from the product photo?
Each case is unique, because no flower is or can look the same and that is what makes Lovely Cases so special. Every Case varies in color, size and shape.

Can the case discolour?
Every case will sooner or later change color. That depends on how often you hold your cell phone in your hand and whether it is often in the sun or rather in the dark in a pocket.

How does the return or complaint work?
The product can be returned within 14 days at your own expense.

Lovely Cases OG
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Where do you deliver?
We deliver our products within the EU with Austrian Post.